We teach the dog and the human to “control” their gears in order to create a calmness in the dog. Lets imagine the dog has 5 gears… When we train we aim to hit gear 0, which is the dog’s calm state. But how do we do it?


Enhance a calm state of mind before training

There should be a certain calmness in the dog before starting training. Once you have taught your dog to focus on you and have learned that calmness is the starting point for everything you do, you can begin training. This does not mean that your dog cannot be wild and play freely. It can do so, but it is important to know when it is time for learning and when it is playtime.

Calmness, calmness, and more calmness. It is best to start training when the dog is very young. Right from the beginning, you can teach your dog that rewards arise when it is calm and focused on you. Most dogs will do anything for the coveted treat, and in this way, dog and owner begin to work together.

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hund i bil hundes gear artikel

Get to know your dog’s gears

In fact, it is the dog owner who is the gear lever, and the dog is the engine. Imagine that your dog is driving a car with 5 gears – then it would be best to drive in 2nd gear around a 90-degree turn, and not in 5th gear. You can do this by knowing how the gears work. At Onlinehund, our goal is to teach the dog that 0 gear should be the starting point for any activity. That way, we can make it controllable and maintain the dog’s attention to us in any situation.

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