Are you unsure of how to handle your puppy’s learning? With our three-step guide, we make sure you start off right. Your puppy needs to be able to crawl before they can walk, which means starting with a strong foundation and solid communication. Read on for more.

The learning phase

Dogs work in pictures and as a dog owner, you help create a photo album for your puppy and dog by showing the many nuances of our everyday life in training – starting as early as 8 weeks old. Many have noticed that the puppy/dog can do everything at home and in the yard they know. They can do everything in a safe environment. It becomes much more difficult outside the home because stimuli grow as surroundings change. You do not have the same control over the scents, what you see, or what you encounter on your walk. Both the dog and the dog owner are put on some sort of overtime, especially the puppy/dog, as they are born to react and observe everything. They do not have a filter like us where they say, “I do not care about that.” They deal with everything standing still as well as in motion.

Our 3-step guide for you as a dog owner:

Step 1:

Start by building a foundation and solid communication without stimuli. Here, we suggest our own 6 basic exercises for thorough training.

Step 2:

Once the 6 basic exercises are mastered, move outside the home and start over with the exercises. That means standing still and waiting for the dog to finish scanning, and when the dog offers themselves to you, reward them. It is important to be still, as this is where you establish the same rules as inside. This is exercise 1 of the 6 basic exercises – sit/stand here with me calmly. The dog will quickly understand it because you demand the same as indoors, and you are NOT in motion.

Step 3:

You can only move when the dog understands to follow you as they did indoors. We stop with a success outside because the puppy/dog remembers the last thing they trained. If the puppy/dog needs to read the newspaper, put on a longline so the dog learns that there is training first and then a walk without pulling. In this way, you put structure on your walk, and the dog learns to follow you, i.e., choose you instead of pulling your arms out of their sockets. You need to go back in training to succeed outside the home.

Through our Online Universe, you can learn more about our REASOM Method, the corresponding 6 basic exercises, and the 3 phases. It is valuable for you and your dog because you have a common thread that becomes your guide to navigate with your dog anywhere – in the city cafe, on the beach, in the woods, at the hotel, and on the train.

Join our online universe: Learn the REASOM philosophy of life.

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