Let the Puppy Explore

A log needs to be climbed and a crevice needs to be overcome. All these activities aim to teach the puppy to know its body, its capabilities and limitations, and to prepare it for its life as an adult. Our domestic dog puppies also show the same curiosity towards nature and learn from their experiences.

Dog owners should give their puppy as many opportunities as possible to develop their body control through different activities. Body control activities have also been shown to have a therapeutic effect. Hyperactive dogs have become more harmonious through balance exercises and similar activities, rather than exertions such as running and jumping. A dog that is not in balance with its body is not able to walk on a log.

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Body Language

Body language refers to the signals a dog sends to another dog or person by using various body parts. The dog uses all parts of its body to communicate. Primarily, it uses its head, eyes, teeth, mouth, ears, eyebrows, and various wrinkles. The neck, neck posture, and angle are considered as a confirmation of others’ signals. Legs and body are mostly used for rough messages. The tail’s body language is a translated meaning of the dog’s body control. The dog’s detailed body language also allows it to read human body language.

In a world filled with dogs, there are also signal-sensitive dogs. Signal-sensitive dogs are more likely to translate our body language into dog language and, therefore, may react differently than we expect. For example, a human greeting is a threat in dog language. Dogs are more likely to register visual signals than acoustic signals. This is important to remember if you have a signal-sensitive dog – especially in the dog’s learning process.

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