Canine vaccination

There are divided opinions about how often we should vaccinate our dogs. We have core vaccines that protect against canine distemper, leptospirosis, parvovirus, and infectious hepatitis. But we do not have core vaccines that protect against kennel cough, Lyme disease, herpes, and rabies.

At, we recommend getting your puppy vaccinated with basic vaccines at 8 weeks old and again at 12 weeks old. The newborn puppy has received antibodies through the colostrum from its mother. These antibodies remain effective until the puppy is 6 to 8 weeks old. After that, the puppy has to produce its own antibodies, so by vaccinating the puppy, we protect it during the period when it has to produce them.

After the basic vaccinations, it’s good to give the dog a vaccine booster after about 12 months. After that, the dog should receive it every 3 years, which is the core vaccination. You can have a blood test taken to see if the dog is still protected with the vaccines it has received. This blood test is called a titer test.

Dogs can easily be infected with kennel cough, and a vaccine every year is very good. Unfortunately, your dog can still get kennel cough even if it is vaccinated, but the kennel cough will be much milder than if it were not vaccinated. If your dog catches a lot of rodents or is in many wet areas, there is a greater risk of being infected with leptospirosis.

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Where is there a risk of infection?

Always be aware of where you walk your dog. Talk to your veterinarian about which vaccinations your dog needs.

  • Kennels
  • Animal shelters,and dog boarding facilities
  • Dog parks S
  • hows and competitions
  • Hunting Abroad

Do you travel a lot with your dog? Do you live close to the forest? Be observant and proactive all the time, so your dog avoids getting sick.

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