In, we use the clicker sound in a completely different way than traditional clicker training, which you may have heard of elsewhere. With the way we use our clicker sound, we enhance the dog’s serotonin levels, which are the happy hormones. Read more about how to use the clicker sound correctly.

Clicktraining – this is how we use it

We train according to our own method, namely the REASOM method. Maybe you’ve seen some of our videos and wonder how we use the clicker in the 6 basic exercises. The most important thing is that we only use ONE click and offer a treat when we make the clicking sound with our mouth.

It’s completely up to you whether you want to use a different sound, but we’ve chosen to use the mouth click sound as it will always be the same sound. The clicking sound will not be affected by our mental state when things go wrong. If we instead use words like “good” or “well done”, these can more easily change when things go wrong. If we change our mental state to something negative, the dog will reject us – who wants to run into the arms of a angry owner?

For recall, we use 3 quick clicks in a row. The dog will automatically react because in training we have rewarded with a treat after a click. The click will always be equal to a reward for the dog. We click more than we say the dog’s name, as we can end up misusing the name, which can mean that the dog stops responding to its name.

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Our click training

Many confuse our use of the click sound with clicker training, but these two methods cannot be compared. Our approach to the click sound is completely opposite.

The negative effects that using a clicker has on the dog in connection with clicker training are as follows: The clicker was originally invented for training marine mammals. The difference between marine mammals and dogs is that dogs are part of our family and must navigate with us in everyday life.

The sound of a command When you use the clicker object, it becomes something mechanical that makes the dog feel constantly under command and control. This is something that stresses the dog UNNECESSARILY. Dopamine instead of serotonin You do not reward the calmness, but rather that the dog should be alert – which gives dopamine instead of serotonin. The dog becomes addicted to that dopamine and it gives the same result as throwing a ball and stick.

With our click, the timing is completely different. We do not reward the dog for being fast – and we do not restrain the dog but instead we get it to rest and be more relaxed. It uses only the click sound to have the same state of mind and therefore considers the sound as something positive. The advantage is that you always have your click sound with you on a walk.

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