Are you also considering adding a second dog to your family – but want to do it right? Whether you want an adult dog or a new puppy, there are some important considerations to take into account. Read our guide on what you should do when adding another new member to the family.

Getting a second dog

This is how you add a second dog succesfully

Here is our guide for you who wants to have a second dog in the family – whether it’s a puppy or an adult dog, the same approach applies. When considering getting a second dog in the family, there are some things to consider before choosing to bring another dog into the home, before choosing the breed and gender:

Dog number 1 should ideally have gone through its developmental stages, especially the 3 critical stages. This way, you can better demand from dog number 1, as it can be difficult with two dogs who both do not know how to navigate at home or outside. Choose opposite gender, as they are better at getting along, especially when they reach sexual maturity.

Your second dog should ideally be a type that dog number 1 likes. If dog number 1 reacts negatively to energies, it would be wise to choose a breed with lower energies. Dog number 2 should be trained alone in learning. When dog number 2 has established a foundation and can communicate with the family, you can begin to train them together. Dogs copy each other, so remember that if dog number 1 has bad behavior, it will affect dog number 2 – for example, it could be barking at everything.

hund. nr. 2 hvalå voksen hund

Do you want a puppy as your sencond dog?

If a puppy is what you want to add to your family, it’s a really good idea to give the older dog peace of mind by closing off the puppy behind a gate. Puppies can be annoying to the older dog, and the puppy also learns to have alone time and does not become dependent on the older dog. Puppies have a different energy level and will bite and nip at everything in the beginning. Watch out for resource guarding, as the older dog can become highly protective when it has lived a single life for a longer time. Train them that they can share and should not steal from each other.

At, we believe it’s best to have two dogs, as they can give each other something that we humans can’t. It’s actually much easier as they can play together and enjoy each other’s company.

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