My dog barks

Do you experience to a greater or lesser extent that your dog barks at stationary objects? There is actually a natural explanation for why your dog reacts the way it does. Here is our advice on what you can do if your dog barks at things.

A dog’s senses are different from a human’s

Dogs perceive their surroundings very differently from humans because their senses function differently. There is a good explanation for why dogs can bark at stationary objects. Dogs do not see like humans do, as they best identify moving objects, because they are born to react to things in motion. In other words, dogs have an easier time seeing a hare from a long distance if it is running rather than standing still. Additionally, dogs do not have as sharp vision as humans, and they are also not as good at seeing things up close. If you notice your dog reacting to things that are not in motion, it is actually quite natural. In this case, it can be beneficial to show your dog that the object is not dangerous by touching it and moving it around – thereby making all things into nothing.

Another factor that comes into play is the biological makeup of a dog. Humans have three types of cone cells in their eyes, while dogs only have two types of cone cells, which means they do not perceive colors like we do. Dogs are actually color-blind. They see yellow and blue hues the best but cannot see red and green, which appear to them as dark, gray, and white.

If your dog reacts to moving objects, playing games such as fetch and chasing games can make your dog more aware of everything that is in motion, such as bicycles, cars, leaves, and birds – which can be frustrating for any dog owner in the long run. Be aware that dogs in the hormonal phase are much more observant of everything, which is quite natural. Hormones can be disruptive, and the dog may not be able to process as much information. This phase is also called the “fear period,” during which dogs are more vulnerable and generally less receptive to learning. Remember to be patient – this phase is just a temporary period that will eventually pass, and everything you have established for your dog will return.

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