Should my dog chew on sticks?

It can be tempting for any puppy/dog to grab a stick on their walk or in the garden. Unfortunately, it can also become a habit, meaning that the dog may develop compulsive behaviors and chew on any sticks it comes across. It’s difficult to control all the sticks in the forest or garden – and a stick can just as easily be from your beautiful tree in the garden, your neighbor’s, or a friend you visit.

Sticks can get stuck in the throat and cause intestinal obstructions and diarrhea. Some trees, as well as other foods, are poisonous to dogs, and the puppy/dog has no idea about this.

❌️ Boxwood. The leaves are toxic but very bitter, so the dog probably won’t chew on them. However, they may eat the berries, which are also poisonous.

❌️ Thuja hedge

❌️ Dwarf Cotoneaster

❌️ Golden Rain

❌️ Holly

❌️ Mistletoe

❌️ Oleander

At, we recommend stopping the puppy/dog and finding alternatives to satisfy their chewing needs. The alternative is meat bones that last a long time and possibly a kong toy with filling. We must constantly prevent the damage that can occur when we bring a little ball of fur into our homes.

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