When we get a new puppy, most people think that it’s extremely important to socialize it quickly. But what does healthy socialization of puppies actually mean and involve?


What it definitely does not mean is that the puppy should be met with lots of dogs and people from the very beginning. Socialization also means environmental training in the surroundings that you will offer your puppy. But before you embark on reality, there are some things that need to be established in the puppy and in the learning process – so that it is ready to experience the good things in life.

The puppy needs to be trained in some basic exercises so that it feels safe with its new owner. This means that you need to build a foundation and establish some basic exercises so that you can communicate with each other. The puppy needs to know what to do in different situations – for example, if it becomes nervous or feels threatened.


How should the puppy behave when greeting people, dogs, traffic, in the car, on a café trip, in the woods, at the beach, etc.? All training starts at home in a safe environment – and when you can communicate with each other and have built a friendship, you are ready for “socialization”. In this way, the puppy will be prepared, and when something becomes difficult, a simple exercise will make the puppy feel safe, where the dog owner can be trusted no matter what situation or stimuli may arise.

Socialization is many things – BUT remember that it does not have to go fast. Feel it out, learn to read your puppy’s signals for when your puppy is ready to explore the world, and the keyword is CALM. If you feel calm – then you will also feel success.

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