Stress & Overstimulering

Do you know your dog’s signals and signs? Do you know when it is stressed or overstimulated? As humans, we are designed to interpret everything under the sun, and we tend to project our own signs onto our dogs and compare them. Would you like to understand your dog better? 

Overstimulation is a common problem

We unfortunately see too often that our customer dogs are stressed or overstimulated. We often find that the cause is actually understimulation. If more dog owners were vigilant about underlying signs of stress, fewer dogs would snap, growl, bite, and exhibit less aggressive behavior toward other dogs or even humans. Many dog owners walk around with a perpetual sense of guilt because they haven’t trained their dog, which was actually the intention when they bought it.

These dog owners probably take the easiest solution by taking the dog out for a long run or standing and throwing the same stick or ball 117 times until the tongue hangs down to the ground. Or maybe they let the dog race around in the dog park with other dogs without any control over what kind of play they are actually engaging in. The dog is only feeling good for a limited time after such an outing. A tired dog is NOT a trained dog.

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stress og overstimulering hund

Signs that your dog is stressed

There are many signs that your dog may be stressed. By observing your dog’s behavior and actions, you can gain a better understanding of your dog’s mental state. Prolonged stress weakens the immune system, and your puppy/dog can become ill for no apparent reason. Humans tend to attribute human emotions to dogs, as well as interpret their behavior in human terms. Signs that describe a stressed dog or puppy include:

Excessive grooming

If your dog licks or gnaws at its paws, legs, hips, tail, or genital area, this can be interpreted as stress. In the worst case, it can lead to self-destructive behavior.

Trembling, yawning, and barking

These signs are also descriptions of a stressed behavior from your dog.


If your dog has frantic and crazy behavior, restlessness and pacing back and forth, or runs after its own tail, then your dog is apparently suffering from stress.

No contact

You will also experience a lack of contact/focus as the brain has difficulty processing information during a period of stress.

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