The 3 Phases in the REASOM method

At, we train according to our very own unique method, namely the REASOM method – Reward Energy and State of mind. In other words: reward and acknowledge the calm energy and state of mind. Together with the 3 phases and the REASOM method, we believe that you best achieve a dog in balance.

We train according to the REASOM method

The REASOM method is not taken from one book or written by another dog trainer. The method has arisen from our own experiences and what we believe is needed, over many years as dog trainers. At, we concentrate the training on creating a family dog, which the majority really want. After all, most dog owners just want a dog they can walk, cuddle and that can navigate in our everyday lives and not just on a competitive level.

What makes our concept unique is that our focus revolves around the “6 basic exercises”. We do not care about our tyres – and summons, because it really comes by itself via the exercises when we combine the 3 different phases into our training. We do not want a dog that is under command all the time, which is actually phase 1, which most people use.

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Introduction to the 3 phases

Our REASOM method must be trained in 3 different phases, in this way you train yourself to a calm family dog. The 3 phases are intertwined with the 6 basic exercises, so you achieve a balanced dog that does not have to be under constant control or command. Through our many years of experience with dog training have met countless dogs that are only trained in phase 1.

Phase 1 – Learning

We call this phase learning. This is where you practice the 6 basic exercises while your dog stays focused on you. Here the dog really learns what it is actually supposed to do. The disadvantage of many dog owners only training in phase 1 means that the dog will be under constant control which causes unnecessary stress, as the dog really has to perform for its owner.

You will probably be good on the training ground, because you are in control of the dog. But off the field and in real life, it becomes difficult to achieve this contact, since the picture looks completely different. Here will come outside disturbances that you own. have no control over.

Phase 2 – Patience

Phase 2 is where we work up to achieve patience in the dog. This means that the dog is allowed to let go of eye contact with the owner and is allowed to scan the surroundings calmly. We train the dog to pay attention to us and at the same time scan the surroundings, which is the process where the dog slowly moves into phase 2. This stage gives the dog an opportunity to learn how to control its impulse control as well as navigate stimuli. This is done by working together to scan the surroundings in peace. Stress levels drop and we reward with recognition and treats that form serotonin.

We only reward with recognition and treats – NEVER with an object, such as balls, teddy bears or pull toys. It is us that the dog should choose – and not a dead thing. Dead objects only cause stress for the dog, and it will end up fixating on objects to get its dopamine covered. The dog will crave more “play”, just like an alcoholic. The dog will only achieve an accumulated negative cortisone, which manifests itself by restlessness, hyperventilation, destructive behavior, low tolerance threshold, nervousness, anxiety, lack of appetite, the allergy list and the list continues.

Phase 3 – Tranquility

Phase 3 is actually the phase where we have achieved the goal of our visions for a good family dog. This is where the dog does it by itself and the state of mind still remains calm. The dog has established so much inner peace that all stimuli do not have a chance to affect the dog. This is exactly what we want to aim for in the long run. A “good family dog” that can navigate stimuli and not be affected by all that the real world has to offer.

It may sound complicated, but once you have found the trick of practicing the REASOM Method, it will come together. The biggest mistake we can make as a dog owner is to go straight to our challenges.  If your dog is nervous, aggressive, stressed or just bursting with energy – then you need to find the cause of the challenge somewhere else. Our training focuses exclusively on energies and techniques, and once the communication and foundation are established, you can spice up your training with everything between heaven and earth.
The 3 phases are intertwined with our 6 basic exercises, so there is a common thread in our training.

We’re not in favor of drift games that drive your dog crazy. Instead, we focus on structured games that make sense and keep stress levels down such as sniffing exercises with structure, dummy exercises, placetable exercises, tub exercises and fun fun games in the forest and in the water all that involves having a good family dog.

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