Tug-of-war games are something that we see as a completely wrong game to play with your dog. Tug-of-war games awaken some of the dog’s inner instincts, and it can be dangerous in the long run if you do not train a stop button. The cortisol hormone grows in line with the games, and it only leads to further stress for the dog. There are many other options for playing with your dog. Read more here…

Tug-of-war? No thanks

Tug-of-war game: This is what happens to your dog’s brain With tug-of-war games, you train the prey drive, which is instinctively inherent in the dog’s genes. When you cultivate this drive, the dog will eventually activate the prey drive, and this can be dangerous, especially if you have not established a stop button. Drive games unfortunately are the root of negative cortisol in the long run, as well as all sorts of negative side effects.

At a certain point, the dog will pull up this behavior where it is least desirable, for example, in relation to children. Far too many dog owners unfortunately have to say goodbye to their dogs due to incorrect handling when it comes to games that actually started as innocent play but suddenly turned into serious play. It is important to remember that there is NEVER play without seriousness when it comes to our dogs.

There are countless of ways to play with your dog that do not trigger this drive. We have shown some simple games that build a healthy and structured relationship with your dog – even children can enjoy these games.

Dummy training involves release and hold exercises as well as retrieving.

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