The general belief that urine markings is about marking a terroritory is actually wrong. ´When the dog urinates more than resonably – it is actually to mark the owners terriotory. With our REASOM METHOD you can train your dog to control it’s impulses. Read more here 

Urine markings

Urine marking is observed in both male and female dogs. It is a way for them to show other members of their species that “I have been here”. The goal is to place the marking as high as possible, for example on a stone or a raised surface, known as visual markings. Then the dog may scratch the marking with its urine and sweat glands in its paw pads to spread its scent. Some dogs use feces for marking, which works similarly to urine marking. This is known as fecal marking, which is often observed in male dogs.

If your dog constantly marks its territory during a walk, it is to mark its territory. This behavior is actually associated with insecurity, which may be due to the dog not feeling like the owner is showing leadership. In other words, the dog doesn’t feel like the owner is protecting it. When a dog marks its territory, it is actually marking the owner’s territory. In the dog’s brain, urine marking is a reinforcement that helps boost its confidence. The dog feels like it can handle any other dogs that come along when “mom and dad” can’t. However, in the long run, the dog is not strong enough, and this behavior will lead to stress because the task is too great.

Dog owners should be very aware of this behavior. Help and guide your dog, so that you protect the dog rather than the other way around. When training with the REASOM method, you will work on reducing the importance of marking from the beginning, due to the structure and foundation built through the training. If you are not structured, male dogs can be controlled by their testosterone. If male dogs are allowed to constantly mark, they will produce more testosterone, which can lead to sudden aggressiveness towards other male dogs.

Some dogs only mark during their heat cycle, which is actually acceptable. Observe your dog’s markings and find out if it is in balance and intact with itself and with you. If you have multiple male dogs, you will notice more marking during the second critical phase, when the dog becomes physically mature. This is due to hormonal disturbances and stress, as one male dog may be more dominant. As a dog owner, this can require extra work as aggression and instincts become more dominant. Having multiple dogs of the same sex requires patience and proper handling.

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