Wait & Stay

Why you need to teach your to dog wait and stay..

At Perroonline.es, we recommend training the dog to wait/stay. We use this command in all sorts of situations such as going out of the door, the garden gate, the car, when guests arrive, going to the vet, and during dog training. If you have multiple dogs, it is an excellent tool for the dog to control its impulse, which can easily increase at a higher level through energies.

The “wait” command is about patience, which is not innate in dogs or humans. This command needs to be trained through calmness and communication in our REASOM METHOD. Patience is often undertrained because we live in a busy world where everything needs to be done in half the time, including with our four-legged friends.

Do NOT fall into the trap of neglecting this command, as it is one of the most important things that will provide the foundation for what you get in the long run. Spend plenty of time allowing your dog to wait/stay in all sorts of imaginable situations, as it will provide both the dog and you with calmness.

We start the “wait” command in “Exercise 1 of the 6 basic exercises”. Without this command, you cannot accomplish anything. If the dog cannot stay calmly by your side and wait, it cannot walk calmly by your side. Train the “wait” command diligently, and you will experience so many benefits in your daily life.

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