Water- & foodbowls

Have you observed that your dog prefers to eat and drink from a specific bowl? It could be a glass bowl, ceramic bowl, plastic bowl, or metal bowl. It’s very individual from dog to dog which material the dog prefers to eat and drink water from. Perhaps you haven’t noticed it yet, but your dog has a favorite bowl.

Some choose to spread the food on the lawn so that the dog has the opportunity to search and work for its food. At onlinehund.dk, we discourage the use of the lawn as a feeding bowl since the dog can easily pick up other things that are harmful to the dog. Especially in the spring, there may be snails in nature that are hosts and the reason why dogs get lung and heartworms – and suddenly, the dog eats a parasite and becomes ill.

If you don’t want to use a feeding bowl, we recommend spreading the food inside on the floor instead. You can also use a feeding board where the dog doesn’t have the opportunity to swallow the food too quickly.

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